"A friend who had been to several Massage Therapists recommended Moriah to me.  He was enthusiastic about the outcome of his sessions with Moriah, so I hoped she could help me.  After my initial session, Moriah recommended that I commit myself to a series of deep tissue massage sessions (similar to Rolfing), especially since my lower back had been ailing me and my mobility was decreased.  Throughout my sessions with Moriah, she constantly encouraged me to take steps for health maintenance and prevention of further pain.  I found her to be a professional who is knowledgeable of the muscular structure as she followed a systematic, step-by-step approach and well-thought-out plan.  Moriah helped me to acquire the vocabulary necessary to communicate with her regarding how and where I felt pain, thereby enhancing the efficiency of each session.  By spending time in therapy sessions with Moriah, I find myself more aware of how body movements either contribute to or decrease physical health.  I wish I had enlisted her help sooner and now I see that she is a partner with me in the betterment of my health and quality of life.  My greatest recommendation would be for you to allow her to show you how your own body communicates its needs and most importantly:  how addressing pain with the simplest of corrective devices and physical exercises prevents further stress and worry--even if it involves lots of stretchy stretches."

"I felt much looser and more relaxed after my massage.  She was very knowledgeable about the body.  I felt very confident in her abilities."  – Sarah W.

"I have Fibromyalgia that flares up regularly and makes my life difficult and painful.  My physical therapist recommended I try massage to help sooth my irritated nerves.  I was a little hesitant because when I have flare ups, it makes it painful to be touched.  The therapist here is really sensitive to my needs and how I am feeling during every massage.  She is constantly checking in with me throughout my session to make sure I am doing okay with pressure and sensitivity.  It really makes me feel valued and comfortable that she is so professional and caring.  I highly recommend this massage place to anyone who is having similar problems it really helps!"  -Michelle R.

"I had some major problems with my back. My back felt wonderfully relaxed after my massage.  She met all of my goals and expectations for our session."  – Tori S.

"I came in for shoulder pain and restriction of movement.  The therapist was very professional, skillful and consistent.  It was a little painful between the shoulder blades where my problem was, but I could move better after the massage with less pain, so I was very happy.  My favorite part of the massage was the hand massage on my palms." – Will S.

"I have been having major headaches and back issues for a while.  I started seeing a chiropractor and that would help with the pain temporarily, but was not completely fixing the problem.  My chiropractor recommended A Step Beyond Massage Therapy and I started to get some deep tissue massage in my neck and shoulder area.  While it’s definitely not a relaxing massage, it has helped me resolve some of my problems, so it was worth it.  I would have to say that combining chiropractic adjustments with Deep Tissue massage gives the best results that lead to lasting differences.  Thank you!" – Josh N.

"I work at a gym with athletes all day. When I started having problems with my neck and hips my chiropractor recommended A Step Beyond Massage Therapy.  I started going about two months ago about once a week.  I have noticed a huge difference in that time.  She has very strong hands and really knows her anatomy well.  I have recommended her to all of my clients at the gym for fixing muscle problems. It has made my own training much more effective. I can lift more weight with less pain. I am also happy to share that I can turn my head to the side without feeling it pull in my shoulder again!" – Carl D.

"I came in for problems with tension in my calves. She really helped especially my left calf to let go (tension wise). I really enjoyed my massage and felt very relaxed when I left.  The work was in depth and she was able to adapt to tender spots.  The only complaint was that the room was a little stuffy because it was so small, but the massage was great!  I’d come back again." – Tyler J.

"I had a massage from Moriah and I thought it was very flowing, uninterrupted motion as she worked from one area to the next.  My favorite part was when she worked on my lower back because it was hurting, and my head because it was relaxing.  Afterwards I felt very refreshed, ready to take on new challenges of the day. Thank you!" – Daria S.

"I have shoulder problems and was recommended to come here by my chiropractor.  After my Deep Tissue Massage I had less soreness and better range of motion. It was a strong massage in the right places. The slight discomfort was totally worth it.  Very professional, excellent!" – Ken M.

"Moriah was very professional and attentive to areas that need focus. It was a little uncomfortable when she was working on my neck, guessing it needed much work to get out knots.  I felt very relaxed afterwards and the knots were gone." – Duane M.

"I have a lot of pain and stiffness in my chest and shoulder area and had some Deep Tissue work done here.  The reduction in muscle tension was extremely noticeable.  The work was fantastic, thorough, and professional.  My favorite part was when it was over…its deep tissue and can be painful. But it’s totally worth it to get such great results." – Joe T. 

"I got my first massage there as a gift from my Thon team. I felt so relaxed afterwards and all my tension seemed to melt away, I practically floated out the door.  Then I found out about their referral program they have at A Step Beyond and I was even happier.  Every person I tell about the great massages they give there gives me $10 off my next massage.  I told all my friend and co-workers that they really are the best down there.  I have already earned one free massage and I’m working on massage number two."  – Emily B. 

"I have Multiple Sclerosis and therefore a lot of associated pain as well as muscle weakness.  Some days I have to crawl on my knees because I don’t have the strength to walk or stand.  I started massages with A Step Beyond Massage Therapy and they not only helped my muscles feel better, but also helped me work on strength building so I can stand longer and walk better.  I still have bad days, as expected with MS, but overall I have really benefited from my regular massage sessions."     – R

"Over the past several months I have been having chiropractic and deep tissue massage work done to alleviate neuropathological problems including tingling/numbness sensations, mild pain, and other issues likely associated with the poor alignment of my spine. To date, the majority of the issues have been resolved, and Moriah has been an outstanding help through the process. She is very knowledgeable with stretching and self-massage techniques, and she recommended my chiropractor, who has been exceptional as well, on top of the actual deep tissue sessions. There has been gradual improvement and decreasing symptoms with each visit. The chiropractic philosophy stresses that soft tissues need time to adjust and heal into alignment with a continuously adjusted spine, else the tissues/muscles will simply move the bones back into misalignment. With the intensive bone structure adjustments that I have had on my spine, I believe that assisting the soft tissue reconstruction via massage therapy has accelerated my progress significantly. I also have many trigger points in my neck and back as well as likely regions of muscle/nerves trapped in connective tissue with built up calcium and toxin deposits, all of which are directly alleviated via deep tissue massage. Choosing Moriah was an excellent decision." – Josh

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